About Carolina Elite Wrestling Club

Non-profit youth sports organization 501(c)(3) - Carolina Elite Wrestling Club in jacksonville nc

Be part of the ELITE.

Carolina Elite Wrestling Club is a club for the people… by the people.

Our year-round seasonal programs are designed to improve the skills of the local elementary, middle school and high school wrestlers in Onslow County.


The CEWC no-nonsense approach.

At CEWC, we will give our athletes 100% at all times and we expect the same from them.  As a 501(c)(3) charitable organization that utilizes low cost facilities, we feel the need to tell you up front that we don’t encourage athletes to sign up for our program because we “have bills to pay”.  We encourage athletes to sign up for our program so they can learn discipline, work ethic and respect by participating in the world’s greatest sport.   Rest assured that your motivated wrestler will be surrounded by others that are on the same mission as him/her.


Work with local high school and middle school coaches.

The backbone of our coaching staff is made up of coaches who have been vetted by USA Wrestling as well as the Onslow County School system and have worked with hundreds, if not thousands, of local wrestlers.


How our 501(c)(3) non-profit status benefits you…

We here the term “non-profit” thrown around a lot, but what does it mean?

CEWC is a registered North Carolina non-profit youth sports organization with a license to solicit donations. In the state of North Carolina, a non-profit business cannot provide any personal compensation for its members if they are soliciting donations.  We are fully aware of this law and went ahead and obtained the license to solicit donations since none of our volunteers want to get paid, this includes the president of the club. 

By registering the club as a non-profit, that allows us to legally solicit donations in the form of money, gifts, and free/volunteer labor.  With 100% transparency on our financial records, parents and donors can be rest assured their contributions are being allocated as intended. 

What if the club president and/or founder resigns?  What happens to all of the clubs assets?

A new club president will be elected and all of the clubs assets will remain with the club.  Every non-profit organization is required to have a dissolution of assets and distribution plan (you can find CEWC’s at the NC Secretary of State’s website).  The bottom line is that all money, physical assets, and everything else cannot be taken by any of the members for personal gain and must remain in the club or transferred to a similar non-profit of the board’s choosing (by vote).   


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